Miriel's Enchanted Mystery

Miriel's Enchanted Mystery

Miriel's Enchanted Mystery is the second title in this time management series
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Miriel's Enchanted Mystery is the second title in this time management series. The story that started in Miriel's The Magical Merchant, now takes place at Miriel's general store, where she works selling bread, fruits, and other products. Her mission now is to discover the mystery behind an object that belonged to her grandmother; an egg that is supposed to hold a secret. The game features a unique blend of time management gameplay with hidden-object levels, plus an engaging storyline that unfolds as you advance.
You start off by selling only apples, flour, and water, but as you move on you will need to combine elements (water and flour to make bread for example) to prepare varied recipes. As customers get into the store showing their orders, you go to the shelf and click on the requested items, serve your customers, and collect your money. In order to level up you need to reach a basic money goal in the time given (there's also an expert goal). As you advance and collect money, you can buy upgrades for the shop, as extra shelves or other elements to ease your task. In higher levels things get really tricky. For one thing, customers will show up more frequently, requiring complex orders which will force you to combine multiple items and make them wait longer. So you will need to hurry up but also keep concentrated not to pick wrong items and waste your time. Also, new and more demanding customers will come to the store to complicate things a bit more, but also to leave you special items related to the storyline.
In between time-management levels, the plot follows its course through some hidden-object games where you need to restore objects by finding the missing fragments.
The game is really entertaining and its storyline plus its varied gameplay make it a great game choice for all ages.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Nice visuals and sound
  • Fun and addictive
  • Engaging storyline
  • Lots of levels to play
  • Varied gameplay
  • Constant new challenges


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